I hate my HOA.

I get a fine last week for $200 for unpainted utility cords. The only utility cords I have had outside have been to power my xmas lights.

Worse, they are supposed to send me a 30 day notice. I never got one. THEN, They fine me $50 on 12/10. On 12/17 I get another $50 fine plus $100 late fee for not paying the $50 they "charged" me 7 days prior (by laws say 30 days)

The notice (the first I have seen or heard of this) was printed on 1/2/14.

I received it 1/17 and immediately called their office. I was transferred to a voice mail and left a message. Friday passed (they are closed on weekends), Monday passed, Now we are half way through Tuesday and still no phone call. So I called again, and boom, voice mail.


Starting to get really pissed of with these 'people'.

/Rant. have a Series 1.