Do I want a Porsche 944 or do I want an old Mustang?!?

I'm going insane on this subject right now! Ever since the debacle with the 911 going haywire and my dad using the hateful sentence, "It's my car!"(As true as that may be, it still hurts. :( ) I've been searching Craigslist all around me for a classic car to call my own, and the ones that keep going on and off in my mind are 944, and Mustang. Which one do I want? I Don't know! There's so many to choose from. The fact that I can tell my dad that "This Porsche is MINE!" is just so EVIL, but the sound of 'Murican V8 with CAMSSS, is soo tempting; I could be that one person in the family that takes the 'Murican route just once. I think I've spent 30 hours on Craigslist in the past week looking non-stop. Help me Oppo, please! :(