A few years ago, Top Gear ran a story on their show about a family saloon, something we call a sedan over here in 'Murica. It was white, had plastic body panels, and was a Chevy product. All this led up to what would make for a fairly boring commuter car. The only difference between that and you everyday commuter car was that this was actually from Australia!

Now the Aussie's are good at a few things; first is coming up with many different ways to die from a sea cucumber, second…drinking, and finally putting out some of the most bonkers lovely four door rockets ever. Now that car on Top Gear was actually the Vauxhall Bathurst S. What made it so amazingly ridiculous wasn't it's nasty stripe, or the button that made the exhaust go all the way up to eleven. No, the best part of that was the candy red Walkinshaw Supercharger hooked up to the V8 to make 560hp that drove the rear wheels! In a sedan people, A SEDAN!

Now most of you are now thinking ok, so what, we can't get the Bathurst Edition, we can't get any of the HSV vehicles tuned from the land down under. That's where you might be wrong. With the cessation of production of GM vehicles in Australia, the team behind the HSV line is looking at America as a possible way of continuing their lunacy. Walkinshaw for a number of years, has been in charge of boosting HSV vehicles with their superchargers and Aussie grit, essentially turning up the dials on family sedans and making them some of the best hoonmobiles on the planet, and now they are thinking about coming across the great big blue wet thing and landing on our horsepower lacking shores.

This my friends I feel would be a great idea. We now have a Holden on US shores again, and from the get go I have been saying they just should have brought the HSV lineup, including the cars engine that underpins the new SS. Just being able to see that bright candy red supercharger with Walkinshaw stamped on it here in the US would be a great thing.


Currently, the CEO of Walkinshaw, Ryan Walkinshaw, is stating that the idea for a Chevy branded lineup, a CSV lineup of cars would be where they want to start. They also want to continue to make cars for the Australian market, stating "Ideally, it would be a nice simple transition to just get the cars off the ship part-finished and us to finish them off here." And this could happen, GM said that the Holden name would continue, even after the production within Australia ended. However, Walkinshaw has stated that the possibility of coming to Lansing and working out of Chevy could definitely happen.

Yes, we already have the Z/28 and the Z06, and a whole host of other performance Chevy products, but these guys are more adept at increase the power output of GM cars, they have been doing it for decades. They also help run their V8 Supercar team, which as we all know is one of the best forms of motor racing out there, so what they are putting out would be fantastic. Here's all I'm saying, please come to America and tune the new Buick Regal GS, I think I speak for most people around here when I say I would like a new GNX!


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Photo Credit to Walkinshaw, and HSV