Welcome to One Car Garage, in which I choose a manufacturer, and you decide one single vehicle that they make or made (no matter how old, no matter how exclusive) to live with for the rest of your life. This is your only vehicle, and all expenses are paid for, including price of entry, insurance, gas, etc.

So far we've been to Italy and Japan. I think it's time to head on over to America and choose from her oldest automobile manufacturer: Ford.

The choice for me is one of the least American of the Fords, but being as it bears the name, it'll count. I'll take an RS200. It's a mid-engined, four wheel drive beast of a machine, devised to compete at Rallying's top level back in the 80s. Though with minimal storage and seating space, I'll just have to convince the fiancée to pick something a little bit more practical. Oh, and I'll have mine spec'd out as an Evolution, because 580 horsepower. You know, just in case.