I watched the "Jackie Stewart explains driving while eating breakfast without a shirt..." video again after reading yesterday's Jalopnik story about the re-release of the film "Weekend Of A Champion", and it took just a couple clicks down the Youtube rabbit hole to discover another film from the same era that I wasn't aware of: "Champions Forever: The Formula One Drivers" by Claude Du Boc, a look at F1 in 1973, released by Columbia Pictures.
There isn't a singularly great moment like Jackie's breakfast driving tutorial, but it's an entertaining look at a transcendent, dangerous and romantic time in the sport, with access to a compelling list of drivers: Jackie Stewart, Nicky Lauda, Peter Revson, Francois Cevert, Mike Hailwood, and James Hunt. Add in the soundtrack, with great engines sounds and an often blaxploitation-like funk, and it's an easy view for any Jalop.


EDIT: OK. a little research is good - this film was originally released in '75 with the title "One By One". then exploitatively re-released in '78 as "The Quick And The Dead" with the added gratuitous footage of Tom Pryce's fatal '77 accident. I was aware of that release, but found it contemptible and so never watched it. This release removes the Pryce footage, and restores the original.

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