Last night; driving along to go to a friend's house, my other friend in the Miata is in front of me. Bro in a Pathfinder is riding his ass, like within a foot, and my friend couldn't speed up because of the traffic in front of him.

So, my friend being the way he is, puts his brakes on to try to give the guy behind him the hint that he needs to back off. Well, he doesn't, he just starts swerving across the road.

So, my friend decided he needed to put an end to that, and stopped dead in his tracks, then floors it, lol. The bro in the Pathfinder eventually catches up to him and starts riding his ass again, and now my friend is mad.

He slams on his brakes. Pathfinder tries to get around him by going across double yellow lines around a blind corner. Genius. Miata friend speeds up and doesn't let him pass.

I honk at the Pathfinder bro and he sticks his hand out the window, either giving me the bird or giving a "wtf" signal, I'm not sure.


Well, it turns out the guy driving the Pathfinder was actually my neighbor's son. He normally drives a Saturn Ion, blasts awful rap music everywhere (so loud that even I get pissed at him), drives like a total jackass all the time, and grinds every gear he has (yes, somehow he knows how to drive manual). I've reported on him before here on oppo, when he smashed his Ion into a tree on a straight road (don't ask me how he managed that).

So, yeah. If you think that my friend is slightly at fault for stopping in the middle of the road, well, I guess you have a point, but the Pathfinder bro is the one that needs to get off the road.

Excuse the cursing, I was coming back from a football game and was in the mood to curse lol.


(The title is a reference to Jackass in case you didn't figure that out)