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(Repost for the AM crowd) Hugely underrated car flick: No Man's Land (1987)

I caught a clip of a chase sequence from this movie on YouTube the other day. The excellent driving caused me to track down the full movie and give it a watch. Turns out it has a lot of similarities to the original The Fast and the Furious, but with a distinct 80s vibe. Swap the street racing for boosting 911s and Vin Diesel for Charlie Sheen and you get No Man’s Land. But you can keep Paul Walker; his 1980s doppelgänger got hired for this film.


Roger Ebert gave the film three out of four stars, saying the movie “has lots of scenes of Sheen and SweeneyWalker stealing cars, and it dwells on the details of their crimes, and the reckless way they risk capture. This is a movie about how money and excitement generate a seduction that can change personal values; it’s better and deeper than you might expect.” I’d agree.

Also fun is spotting the huge variety of background cars in the movie. From MR-2s to Mercedes 190Es, just about every manufacturer is represented on the movie’s IMCDB page:


Give it a go if you haven’t seen it. And feel free to point out the numerous Fast & Furious similarities if you have seen it!

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