No Scat Pack at this dealership, but they rolled out the T/A 392 out of the showroom for me and we took it for a quick spin.

Appearance wise, I’ve always loved how the Challenger looks. It’s me favorite of the big three when it comes to presence, for me. I know looks are subjective, so if you don’t agree, well, we agree to disagree. To be completely honest, I don’t like the satin black hood and trunk. Nor do I really like the graphics package in general, but if I got one, I wouldn’t be getting a T/A. I prefer the lower key Scat Pack. If a 485hp Challenger can be considered low key.

This one is the only 6 speed I could find close enough to go drive during lunch today. I’m not a fan. Enough so that I really want to drive an automatic to see if it improves my initial impressions. It sounds beastly. My wife would absolutely hate it, but it makes such sweet, sweet music. When they fired it up in the showroom, everybody in there took notice.

On the street, it rides much more complaint than I thought it would. For the short drive, it was quite tame overall. Step on it, and it goes though, and makes more of that lovely noise. So for driving impressions, it was brief. It was ok.


Interior impressions, that dash is deep. It felt like minivan deep, but that’s probably because I’m used to trucks, SUVs, and ‘60s cars. For such a large car, the interior felt a little cozy. I can fit in the back seat, sort of, but getting back out was laughable. My son would fit back there, but not too far into his teen years. I really liked the driving position, and had gobs of headroom. The seat was a little snug, but I’m also not a small dude.

Overall, I came out of the experience looking st the price tag and saying, huh. This one stickered for $49k and the dealerership has it marked down another $5500. I liked it well enough, but not the paint scheme of this particular one. There’s a red one inbound to the dealership I’m taking the wife’s Jeep for a couple of recalls. It’s also an automatic. I’ll give that one a test drive when it arrives.


I also spotted this ‘67 Mustang for sale on the way home.