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Huh, two years ago I bought the Jolly Rancher

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Photo: Photo taken of a vehicle no one wanted, not even the owner, in a place where no one goes, taken by a guy who clearly is ready to abuse the captions on these images they’re forcing us to add, even though it really doesn’t do anything to stop people from just uploading a bullshit caption and telling Kinja to pound sand. Speaking of Kinja, they’re giving me a lot of space for this caption, aren’t they? Is this going to be like those times where posters put titles that are like a thousand words long and just fill up Oppo for a cheap joke? I don’t like those guys. They’re bastards. Like the theme day people but worse, because at least theme days are fun. Well, I’ve been writing this for a while now and I’m getting pretty tired, so I guess I’ll end it here and continue my rambling another day. Maybe I can turn these into diary posts? “Dear diary, today Kinja added another dumb feature for me to abuse and make jokes about”. Okay, I guess I’ll stop now. Thanks for letting me waste your time!

Do I miss it? Gonna be honest, not really. The shifter was better than the Alltrack’s, but overall, the Alltrack is a way better daily. And if I’d like to buy a house in the next two years, I’m glad I picked it as my only car.


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