Earlier this week, I told you I’m picking up a brand new car! On top of that, I also told you I got picked up by a new company! Well, in an interesting turn of events...

...the company I contracted with for the last three months wants me back...salaried...ALL OF THE BENEFITS...and for a salary so large that it kicks me into a new tax bracket. I can see why people work at this place for decade$. :D

It’s an easier job than the other company, doesn’t require 12 weeks of training or selling, and it pays so so much more.

So, what does that mean? 3 months ago, I started my contract, with the premise that only 1 of the 12 of us would go on to the salaried position. I beat out the 11 other contractors and the 100 or so outside applications. :)

Me right now:


Stay tuned everyone. I pick up the new car tomorrow too. I know Denver is an Oppo hotspot, any of you want to chill? :)