Human Life Now Worth 1 Million Dollars

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GM has now approved the death claims of 30 people. Will pay 1 million for each life, plus $300k to each spouse/child.


"The number of total claims filed as of Friday was 1,580 …. It has ruled that between 90 and 100 claims are not eligible for funding ….."

But don't worry you still have time to get your claims in "The fund will continue to accept claims through Dec. 31." Because there is a limit to how long a business can be held accountable for killing someone.


"GM has said it expects to spend $400 million on claims, but it has said they could rise as high as $600 million." That plus the "record-setting $35 million fine to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration" is still far less than GM's quarterly profits.

So yay capitalism?

Source: Detroit News

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