Humdrum modding continues!

So far my mods to my car have been pretty minor, but as I really miss them in inclimate weather from my old 2002 Subaru Impreza 2.5TS....I’ve decided to fit foglights! :)

Ordered this to replace my non-foglight factory insert:


And these to mount in these come with a wiring harness considering my car never had fogs from the factory and therefore never had the harness.....pretty cool!

Now that I also have ramps, I can drive the front end up on those and it should help make the swap and wiring easier....only thing I am not sure of is how decent the wiring harness with this fog kit is. Unlike most cars, the MC-generation Accents have a NEGATIVE ground, so I hope the harness is geared for that! Updates will come as the parts arrive and I find the time to install it all! Hopefully I can get to the local pick and pull to pick up a passenger headlight to replace my UV faded one and the rear hatch trim piece I am missing...

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