Just spent a few minutes poking around my daily driver 2009 Hyundai Accent L hatch named “Humdrum”. Re-measured the custom Hyundai center caps as my current 3D Printed ones are getting a bit loose on the front and I have to get 2 SLIGHTLY larger ones printed to replace them - the rear ones fit fine on my $50 ‘98 Ford Escort summer rims. Was trying to solve a rattling under the dash on the driver’s side ....THINK I found and fixed it, but won’t know until I head to work in 40 minutes or so.

While I was out there, I decided to refresh my very tired and frayed FIATALY decal (for a FIAT/Italian car Facebook fan page I help run) with a new, shiny one from my stockpile. I also put on my Canadatastic Oppo decal that arrived in the mail 2 days ago - looks great...thanks Dusty Ventures :D!!!

Excuse the pollen/pine needles/dust/general non-washedness!