Hung Over at Work

I learned/remembered a few things last night.

  • If you tip your bartender well, your drinks get stronger on subsequent rounds
  • Whiskey is A-OK for a low-carb diet as long as you don’t add sugary mixers or chasers
  • Four whiskey drinks will get you shitty if you’re tipping your bartender and you drink rarely.
  • It’s easy to run up a $100 bar tab when liquor drinks are $8-10 each

Also, Nathaniel Rateliff is amazing live, and Lukas Nelson sounds a lot like his dad. Here’s the chorus to SOB because by then I’d had four Jack&Diet Pepsis (no Coca Cola license at Fillmore) and recording the chorus to share with friends was a good idea.

Also, checked Tirerack for bad ideas involving Meepster. They have white Sparco Terras in 5x110 to fit the Renegade.


Perhaps a set of lowering springs, some Alfa coils, and a Madness PowerPack would be in order.

Of course, my wife would get stabby once she saw the credit card bill.

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