Hunt is (possibly) on for a Genesis replacement

CTS-V Wagon Clickbait
CTS-V Wagon Clickbait

I just realized I didn’t get around to posting about this yet. My dad got into an accident in his 2011 Hyundai Genesis 4.6. Nobody was hurt, but he was at fault (he was parked in the back-most parallel parking space on a block and pulled out right as someone turned right around the corner) and we will find out for sure this coming week if the Genesis is totaled. It’s looking more and more like it will be written off, which is fine by me since I don’t care for it much. His original plan was to keep for another year or two, then sell it and buy something much nicer. However, that plan can’t exactly be moved up with me in college and my brother starting in a year. So he’s looking to stay at about $20,000. Right now the top two choices (again assuming the Genesis is indeed totaled) are a forth-gen, pre-spindle Lexus LS460 or an Infiniti M56. I’ll keep you posted on where this goes.


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