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Hurricanes, Typhoons & Lava, OH MY!

So, I've posted a few times that I'm in Hawaii for work (doing IT support for a field office for three disasters in the Pacific). Well, on "Saturday"at about 6:45am, I was told to pack my bag and meet at our warehouse to load up some equipment, and head to Guam for Typhoon Vongfong. The flight was long, but uneventful. However, United is going to be getting some feedback from me. They're beta testing new IFE stuff where you use your own device to watch movies. It's a great idea, but it doesn't support jailbroken iPhones. And the worst part, NO POWER PORTS!!! My phone and laptop battery's don't last 7+ hours while watching shows via wifi. Guh.

Anyway, landed in Guam "Sunday" and went straight to work with what turned out to be about a 30 hour day (took like a 2 hour nap in the ops center, but that was it). Also, the Guamanian Civil Defense people, so much awesome right there! They made sure we were all fed (like home cooked food, not Hot Pockets), had coffee/soda/water, and made room for us to crash out. I told them I was going to tell my co-workers that it was the worst trip ever, so I can come back and hang out with them next time.

Since Vongfong didn't cause too much damage, we were released to come back to Hawaii "Monday" afternoon. No flights went out that day, so we flew on "Tuesday". We left at 6:25am ChST Tuesday and landed at 5:51pm HST Monday. This picture somes up how I feel perfectly:


I was supposed to have last weekend off, and got a really nice hotel right on the beach. Since I left and came back, I'm not in as nice of a hotel (It's still nice, and WAYYYYY better than the one in Guam). I'm slightly bitter and tired.

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