This weekend I got to fix the blower motor in my ‘13 Focus ST. My initial reaction was one filled with sheer rage and righteous indignation.

The first part of the disassembly, which involved removing the glove box and the body control module was easy enough. However, removing the mixing door to access the blower motor......

Sweat fancy moses, how I despise whoever thought having to blindly thread a Torx 20 on a 18" extension was a bright idea. Not only that, you have clear access to the motor on the driver’s side, but it can only be removed from the passenger side!



Ahh, looks fine an dandy in that clean rendering, right?

This is what it really looks like:


After I pretty much rage-quit, I had to enlist my two buddies who are BMW techs to do the fenagaling. After a solid hour of swearing at Ford, the little T20 bolts were removed.

We were then greeted with a mixing door actuator and blower motor fan filled with a very soft white fluff. There wasn’t any droppings, and no Deadmau5, but it was obviously deliberately moved there.


“Ah” so I think to myself. “I can’t fault the car for some annoying woodland creatures!”

But then I looked up.


There’s no mesh in between the blower motor and the outside world! That intake is right under the wiper cowl, but there’s nothing preventing leaves or little animals getting in there since the cowl doesn’t make a nice seal with the sheet metal at the cowl. A simple mesh that’s tacked to the body right there would prevent any animal from getting in there and causing a mess.

The cabin filter is after the blower motor, so it does nothing to prevent the fan from chopping up chip and dale and the rescue rangers.


I couldn’t get over what an oversight this is. It’s so simple, and I’m sure there was a conscious decision NOT to integrate a mesh there to save on a couple of cents in materials and saving those 4 welding tacks on each car.

Anyway, it was actually pretty easy to take the seats out which helped tremendously. I also learned the immense value of those little mirrors on a bendy handle that lets you see in stupid places like this.


It’s the little things.