I don’t get it. How can a blower motor fail on a modern car that’s less than than 4 years old & with less than 35k miles?

My Focus ST was built in 2012, and I took delivery in 2013. Last weekend, I clicked the auto temp to a nice 71 degrees.....then the whole car started to violently vibrate.

I was actually alarmed that maybe a belt was thrown or something catastrophic had just occurred in the motor...but then I realized it was coming from the dash. I changed the fan speed and the vibration changed its intensity.

How can a blower motor in a modern car just grenade like that? The original blower motor in my ‘92 miata is still going strong! Add to the fact that the Miata’s blower motor can be taken out in less than 10 minutes with 5 easily accessible bolts (2 to remove the glove box cover, and 3 for the blower itself), while the focus requires removing a couple of panels, disconnecting the body control module with its EIGHT wiring harness connectors, then threading a 12+ inch extension through the back of the dash to get to a couple of bolts....then MAYBE having to unbolt the gas pedal......



Edit: I’ve had the car for just over 3 years, so the warranty is done. It failed a little over a week after my 3 year anniversary with the car LOL


UPDATE and more ranting and raving here.