I've really gotten back into 1/64 scale diecasts, like with a fervor that has my wife going, "I thought this was supposed to be cheap?" They connect me to a part of my youth that only existed in shades - I had toy cars, but never was I encouraged to embrace my early gear head as my mother raised me as a single parent - but now, as an adult, I'm free to spend my allowance (shut up, you'd understand if you were married!) on toys fit for a kid because, truthfully, I'm a big kid at heart who never grew up.

I discovered that modifying Hot Wheels etc is/was a thing and now I'm getting ready to launch into that but, and here's the important part, I'm not a collector... at least not in the traditional sense. Why? Because I don't want to keep 'em in blister packages, I want to get 'em out and put some miles on 'em. Furthermore, I want to take 'em apart and rebuild, repaint and generally re-do 'em.

It's a sickness, but I'm okay with that and despite my many japes at married life, it's one my wife fully supports as it's more-or-less affordable and an outlet for future play-time with our kid. They're toys to be played with, plain and simple. That's just me, and I respect the hell out of you virgins out there with walls plastered by Hot Wheels in their original packaging on mislabeled cards and so on.

Aaaaanyway, just yesterday I discovered the Hot Wheels Exchange Program having spent the past couple months discovering that there are a lot of like-minded souls stalking the halls of Oppo with Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning, Green Light, Maisto and Tomica (and Welly etc) collections of varying purpose and intensity.

In that moment of fresh faced discovery, I found these two gems up for trade from GRawesome and I hopped all over it.


This yellow Datsun first caught my eye as I'm trying to find more casts of classic Japanese cars (which I fully plan on modding to pimpness once I get my eye in on some cheaper MB's):


Next up, in chatting with the awesomesauceMcAwesomeGRawesome, he mentioned he had pretty much the most desirable cast I could think of, a Toyota Celica from 1970:


In return, I'm shipping off two of the cars from this collection of Trade-friendly cars; the Lancia and the gold Viper -


The shipping process begins tomorrow, on both ends, and relies upon the trust shared between Gentlemen and Opponauts and we'll follow up with Stage Two of this awesome exchange when the goodies arrive.

Thanks, GRawesome and thanks Opponauts for generally being the most kick ass group of people of ever in history times of all!