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Hybrid Minivans: Let's get on this.

The mileage on my 2014 Honda Odyssey hovers in the upper teens. To be fair-ish, it sees the absolute worst possible conditions for mileage: Lots of short trips, scant highway miles, heavy AC use, et cetera. And that’s not really much of a complaint - it’s a big, heavy vehicle with lots of room. I knew what I was getting into.
But I wondered: Why isn’t there a hybrid minivan? The driving habits of minivan drivers are well-suited to the technology — driving with lots of stops and starts and short trips. Minivan drivers have kids, and most folks with kids would be OK with saving money. And larger, heavier hybrids exist - I think there’s a Highlander hybrid and a Tahoe hybrid.
Why has nobody brought one of these to market yet?
For that matter, I’m kinda surprised that Toyota, Honda and Nissan haven’t launched a Lexus/Acura/Infiniti minivan. Are they afraid it would dilute the brand? Make it too plebeian?


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