We didn’t have the Unlimited Hydroplanes this year, instead a good turnout of Grand Prix and H-350 boats from the HRL based in Quebec. So for the first time in decades, all of the racing was run by piston-powered boats (no turbines.)

The Grand Prix boats run 468 c.i. big blocks, supercharged and running on methanol. These things almost- but not quite- sound like a Top Fuel dragster when they fire up.

The H-350s use Chevy small blocks of no more than 358 c.i., carbureted, running on race gas.  


Test firing one of these beasts:

being craned into the water for a test run


turn/”skid” fin kicks up a huge wall of water
the almighty turn fin. without this, a hydroplane will not turn. At all.


GPs leaving dock for a heat:

the final GP heat, all boats coming ‘round for the “flying start”

the H-350 consolation heat A:

and a visit from the 1957 Miss US, with her Allison V-1710 V12 engine.