Hyperdrive (Netflix)

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Watched the first episode last night - at first I thought it was going to be terrible and overproduced, but after watching the entire episode, it wasn’t that bad. One of the hosts is TGUS retread Rutledge Wood and he’s his usual self here too, somewhat knowledgeable but overly excited.


The premise is that these drivers are racing their own cars around this crazy obstacle course - in the first episode, they had to run through a course that included executing a J-turn, then doing two 540's in a four square box, then driving on a shallow path through ostensibly deeper water and then the “Leveler” which is a giant bridge/see-saw contraption.

It’s way overproduced, but I was actually entertained. Top three times from the first course go through, bottom three are eliminated. The folks in the middle apparently get to compete in more challenges. If you have Netflix, give it a watch - we need more car-based programming.

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