Consider the following hypothetical scenario:

It’s December 1941 and the Japanese have just executed their attack on Pearl Harbor*. U.S. involvement in WWII is about to go full-throttle. Everything about the Axis powers is exactly the same as it was in real life. The U.S., however, has its full, modern 2017 military from personnel to equipment to tactics and command structure.


What are your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. How long does it take the U.S. to pound the Axis powers into submission?
  2. Does the U.S. suffer any combat losses that aren’t a result of accidents or friendly fire (excluding Pearl Harbor)?
  3. What unforseen difficulties would the U.S. encounter in fighting 1940s Axis powers with a present-day military?
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* I know the attack would have been easily detected and repelled with a modern U.S. military, but I’m just going to use this event as it occurred as a starting point.


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