(Classic JDM for your time)

So I couldn’t sleep last night (too much coffee from waiting at the airport to pick up someone who wrote 18:10 as their arrival time instead of 8:10, uggh), and like any normal Oppo I was browsing used cars online. While I was browsing I randomly thought of how I would answer if my wife were to randomly wake up and discover me in the other room on my computer at 2 am. Being an inappropriate person, my first thought at intrusive people is to say something like, “porn” or “your mom” (It’s possible my inner child is still very active) “nuclear physics” etc...

Now one reason for this is because she gets this look like, “how could you possibly be shopping for cars. You have one and you spent hundreds of hours browsing before you bought it.”

So my question to the you: If your SO caught you browsing cars at 2 am would you admit to it or lie?