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Hyundai Accent MC Mid-Spoiler Mystery!

Hi all!

This is sortof a jokingly venting / am-I-really-that-bad-at-Google post. I’ve always been a fan of mid-spoilers on hatchbacks and wagons, don’t know why, I just have always liked the added look. :)

So, in 2013, a month or so after I picked up my 2009 Accent hatch, I started looking to see if there were any available for my car as the MC Accent hatch came with a hatch top spoiler from the factory and a mid-spoiler would be a nice, unique complement to it. Now, the aftermarket for my car is VERY sparse, but I saw a mid-spoiler for my car in ONE photo that month in a Google Image search that I really it turns out, it is the ONLY mid-spoiler I’ve seen that seemed to be specifically for my car (that wasn’t a ‘universal fit’ one) and I have been trying to track down information on it since.

I’ve came across a few sporadic pictures of the same one since on a few different cars, but can’t find anywhere that sells it, can’t find any part numbers...nothing. The first picture I had seen was one on the back of an Apple Green MC Accent hatch that was for sale used at a dealership in Quebec. I, stupidly, never saved that picture for reference, but I’ve only come across two other pictures of the same kind of spoiler in my travels and DID save both of those. Both of those pictures show cars with Ontario license plates. The only information I’ve dug up is from a post on a Hyundai Forum mentioning that somebody remembered a them being fitted by some Canadian dealerships when the cars were sold new and he THOUGHT they were a Hyundai part. The spoiler in question:

Illustration for article titled Hyundai Accent MC Mid-Spoiler Mystery!
Illustration for article titled Hyundai Accent MC Mid-Spoiler Mystery!

I have tried repeatedly for the past few years to find more info out about it, but to no’s still a mystery to me! I think it’s a decent piece....not huge, not overdone, no fake carbon fiber or anything tacky....just a small, body-colored add-on designed to fit the contours of the rear hatch.

It seems almost like it was only something installed by a few dealerships in Quebec and Ontario in Canada, from my searching, so a VERY limited production piece? No idea! Just something interesting I thought I would share through impromptu venting! :)

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