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Hyundai dealers... ugh...

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Yesterday I mentioned my GF went ahead with the purchase of a new 2020 Elantra GT:


So after fees and taxes with no negotiation, this car should cost around CAD$27,000.

And she told me she managed to negotiate the price down to $26K... which sounded great.


But later, she told me that the total out-the-door price of around CAD$30,000.

While she negotiated the price down to $26K supposedly, they got her on selling her an unnecessary extended warranty and the “Leather” (which is actually simulated leather... AKA vinyl).

At least she didn’t pay $250 for “filling the tires with nitrogen” and another $250 for the “etching”.... or at least I hope not.


I wish I had been there for the purchase.

She made the same mistake I’ve read other people make... not looking at the *complete* price and getting suckered into buying overpriced extended warranties and paying too much for faux-leather.


The fact that the kept pushing the nitrogen air for the tires for $250 and that stupid ‘etching’ for another $250 really pisses me off.

And it just confirms that the dealer stereotypes continue to be true.

You won’t ever see Tesla pushing BS nitrogen or etching fees as part of their sales strategy.

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