Hyundai Elantra Facelift is So Edgy

Looks like a manga side character. Those headlamps look inspired by a 9th grade math problem. Bonus points for nailing the bisecting LED with the grille surround.


This is the kind of weird design cue and engineering automakers do purely to show off to other automakers. Not quite right on the horizontal alignment with the chrome grille insert and the bottom of the headlamp though. Very difficult design details to produce. This is why straight lines and curves across changing planes are scary and why “boring” old Audi styling is actually incredibly impressive in terms of build quality to be able to knock out their superlinear designs.

Related note, the new Forte is really growing on me. I also really liked the Elantra I had as a rental last week. Took me a couple days to warm up to it though.

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