Hyundai "Hellaflush" Division Caught Testing with Genesis G80

Hyundai’s new Genesis luxury arm has unveiled its secret program for appealing to the youths through mad tight wheel gap, bro. That or there was a misunderstanding when someone told the engineers to look into “carbon offsets” as well.


This is most likely an upcoming 400hp, 3.3L TTV6 replacement for the 420hp, 5.0L V8 equipped Genesis G80 Sedan (formerly known as the Hyundai Genesis Sedan 5.0). The big deal being that this version will offer AWD in the US (though AWD is available on the 2015 Genesis Sedan 5.0 in Canada), plus improved emissions and fuel economy.

It’s also a notable engine because it will likely fall into the upcoming 3-series fighting Genesis G70 Sedan, the fast approaching Kia GT sports sedan, and of course the supposed refresh of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. All of which are slated to arrive towards the end of next year (but not necessarily with this engine available upon introductions).


**Note that it is more likely that the vehicle is heavily weighted for endurance testing rather than being a sick factory suspension setting.**

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