Hyundai i30N Thoughts

I basically found out this car existed a few weeks ago and after reading reviews, watching as many videos as I can about it, I am starting to seriously consider getting one of these.

Most opinions seem to be that it’s good value for money though the brand might not have the same status as VW with the GTI for example. But everyone seems to agree it puts a big old grin on your face.


275BHP, fun exhaust pops and crackles when you want it, good handling apparently and still very usable for daily driving. Over here, getting one fully loaded will be about €30.000 and the leasing deals seem fairly decent (€6k downpayment, estimated €360 a month, 36 months, this is with residual value after those three years set to €12k which I would think is realistic). I haven’t even driven it yet, but intend to go for a test drive sometime in the next two weeks, just interesting to know it’s financially doable.

I’m in Europe and I know the US doesn’t get this car but you should have the Veloster N which is basically the same thing.

I have zero experience with leasing deals/car financing so I’m sure I’m missing something... Oppopinions on both the car and/or input on the financing/leasing deal?

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