Yes I realize the words being typed out of my mouth... or... hands... but honestly, as much as it hurts, it’s true. Hyundai, or more accurately Hyundai-KIA, has outplayed every other OEM.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the soon to be available (or newly available for some of y’all) Kona EV. While everyone was busy swooning over the Model 3 and applauding GM for the Bolt, Hyundai showed up with a sub $35,000 (assuming this $40,500 CAD figure is accurate for the US market) that can also be optioned to a range of over 250 miles.


Electric vehicles not your thing? How about outdoing the rest of the industry in their tech-integration and placing themselves not just into the conversation, but at the top of the pack in infotainment, integrating wireless charging, etc.

Infotainment and EVs not your thing? How about performance sedans and hot hatchbacks! *insert pops & burbles here*

Hot-hatches, sport sedans, EVs, & killer infotainment not your thing?... Umm... I guess crossovers then? Oh wait shit they have that too.


So yea, prove me wrong.

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