Sure, I knew it existed, but just like 45's tax returns, I never expected to see it IRL. Yesterday I was walking through my work parking lot and had to do a double-take. The unassuming grey hatchback had a red stripe and “MARVEL” across the hood... Upon closer inspection, there’s Ironman badges all over this thing!


I’m at a loss for words. Sure, it’s a cute car and the red accents are striking, but would i be willing to commit to being seen in it daily for the next 12 years? Does Old Tony have that kind of star power? I don’t think I could, but clearly someone can and did! I’m glad they were willing to stand up and show their Marvel pride because otherwise I would totally have missed out on ever seeing a Kona Ironman special.

What’s your take on extreme theme vehicles? Hell yeah or oh no? It’s not a permanent as a tattoo but it’s a hell of a lot more difficult to hide in public.

(full disclosure, these are stock internet photos because my phone photos from yesterday are crap but I have SR20 if you insist...)


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