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Hyundai SantaFe: The Oppo Review

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I recently had the chance to drive one of these while my WRX was in the body shop getting its rear end fixed because some delightful young woman decided it would be a good idea to text during rush hour.


This car is horrid. The engine tries it’s hardest even though most of the energy from its fuel is turned into valve noise and nothing else. The interior, for this price range is a garbage plastic wonderland. Toyota does a good plastic interior, this is on the complete other side of the spectrum. The brake feel is memory foam. The suspension gets completely unsettled over the smallest bumpy patch.

I’m really not sure why anyone would buy this over some of the much better offerings in its class at near the same price point. I don’t have a beef with Hyundai because I know they make a few great cars, but this took all of the joy out of my driving for two full weeks.


The one thing that this heaping hoopty has going for it... Dat sound system slaps doe boiiiiiiiii.

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