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I accomplished something today.

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So today I successfully swapped a new transmission into my Civic. It’s input shaft bearing was so worn it sounded like it was crushing gravel and I knew it wouldn’t last much longer. So I bought a lightly used transmission from a guy in a Honda Facebook group. It was only $100 and surprisingly I didn’t get screwed over.


I have never done anything this intensive on my own vehicle before so needless to say I was nervous. I also had the help of my friend who although didn’t know much about mechanic work, was willing to learn. After seven hours and a bunch of struggling we had the new one in. I fired it up and was happy to see that the car stayed in one piece as I took it on its maiden voyage. Pure silence, smooth as butter.

All it took was for me to be confident in my skills. It feels damn good do something someone might have paid a mechanic $500+ to do. If you feel like you can repair something on your own and have the means and tools to do so, you should go for it. I’m really excited that I can say “I fixed this”.


God damn I love cars.

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