Me. Yes, I must admit it. I would never have thought to purchase Grand Theft Auto 5 in a million years, but my wife wanted it (I know, I'm that lucky!). The problem in her plan was, well, me. I dabbled in it and before I knew it, I was a Crime Lord in Los Santos. After I finished the story line, I thought I'd try out the online version. I saw a few postings here on Oppo and found the Oppo Crew.

Last night was my first try at playing with the "crew" and it was something like this snapshot:

I made the mistake of getting involved in a fight between players. Now, I'm not complaining because I was howling in laughter each and every time somebody capped me, destroyed me, ended me, and otherwise wiped the streets of Los Santos with my sorry avatar. And then came an invite to play tennis. Tennis? I thought to myself "why not?" I accepted and started playing. I never played Tennis in the story mode so I had no idea how to play and boy did it show. I was quickly vanquished. The game was ended prematurely, when in a flurry of Xbox controller button mashing I accidentally "quit" the game. I felt like a heel. Who was my opponent? It was the bastard, criminal, and all around killer "Buhandi." In real life, you know him as Jalopnik's Michael Ballaban. Of course beating me on my first night of gameplay is like taking candy from a little girl. Just sayin'.