I’ve never put much stock in user generated reviews, but I do peruse them on bigger purchases, or when I’m bored and need a good laugh. These reviews however for some tires I’m considering (Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's), oh man do they take the cake.

Now I haven’t had a chance to write a piece on how I feel about AWD and snow, and snow and snow tires, but it can be summed up pretty quickly: I think almost every person is an idiot and AWD is a stupid waste and should never have been invented, and all you need in the snow is good snow tires. What little hope I do have for humanity though is lost when I hear people saying they need AWD in southern California, because of all the rain.

For fuck’s sake people, all that matters are the TIRES! The right tire solves everything, seriously. And when you expect an all season tire, and an ultra high performance one to boot, to perform exceptionally well in the snow, well then you deserve to drive into that ditch.

If people knew how to actually drive, then they wouldn’t think they need AWD to save their sorry ass from oversteer or terminal understeer. But back to my main point, which are these two (out of three) reviews pulled from Consumer Reports on the above mentioned tire:

have a 2014 Audi A5 S-Line, all wheel drive and did not want to be switching tires every year so put on these ultra-high performance all seasons. Great tires on either dry or wet pavement, handle great and no unacceptable noise. Just received our first two inches of snow and was extremely disappointed. Fresh snow and no ice, but repeatedly broke traction and ABS activation. Even on near level ground slowly coming to a stop, or turning on a slight uphill grade broke lose and started sliding. The tires are basically useless on snow, even with AWD. I was expecting a minimal level of performance because they are, after all, UHP tires...not snow tires. But the near complete lack of ability on even two inches of powder was a real disappointment. I cannot recommend these tires to anyone who may have to drive in even minimal snow.

This was a two star review.

(Boldness added by myself.)

I’m surprised this guy had problems because he’s got an AWD car, and we all know AWD makes you INVINCIBLE!!! Even with the wrong tires... Onto the next though:

This tire was great when I first put them on, but while they have and M+S label on the sidewall, they are terrible. The roads have been snowy/icy a couple of times now and the back end feels like it just wants to slide out. My car is all-wheel drive.

This was a one star review, because AWD.

I love how this guy punctuated his review with the fact that his car is AWD, therefore any good tire worth its salt would perform perfectly.


The last review I could read was a five star review by a guy with a Civic Si, which does not have AWD (hint hint), and had reasonable expectations, which the tire met. I hope you all noticed that these two idiots who had bad things to say had something in common: they both had AWD cars, and they both expected the drivetrain from Hell to save them. Oh and they’re both fucking idiots.

I think what makes the saddest is not there are tons of idiots like these, it’s that there are legitimate enthusiasts who truly think they need AWD. Yes, AWD can make things easier, but how often does it snow, a few months out of the year? So the rest of the year you’re lugging around those several thousand pounds, causing accelerated tire wear, getting worse gas mileage, and spending extra maintenance. And for what? So you can feel “better” when it snows a few times? Because you don’t want to store another set of wheels? People need to learn how to drive and stop polluting the earth with AWD.

Final note: After reading this excellent review of the tire, it appears that Michelin does not really recommend using this tire in snow and would rather you get a snow tire. This makes sense considering it out-grips competitor summer tires.