I have always been a car enthusiast, basically my entire life, but I never had the chance to ever drive stick. I would read articles, watch youtube videos, and try to figure out any way possible to learn, but it just never happened for me...until tonight.

A coworker has a 2012 jeep wrangler with a stick. He was telling me how he let another coworker drive it and he stalled it 5 times. I thought to myself, holy crap, maybe this is my chance!

I boldly asked if I could try and do better and he said sure.

I reversed out of the parking spot just fine, albeit a little fast. I then tried to put it in first gear and....stalled. Well F***. Let’s try this again. Clutch in, first gear, gas gas gas...and tires squeal like crazy, but I DIDN’T STALL IT!!!


Now, I was too afraid to stop for a while because I didn’t want to stall again. I drove around in second gear for about 3 minutes in the parking lot, then parked and we went our separate ways.

I must have had the biggest grin on my face. Now all I can think about it, when can I do it again!?

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