And have some observations, but first, picture of snowy M from a few nights ago.

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Okay, now, observations.

  • It rides really rough. Like damn son I know it's a sports sedan but com'on. New front shocks may help with this.
  • Really need new tie-rods. My steering does strange things over bumps. Good thing those come this week.
  • Needs an alignment. Pulls slightly right.
  • Loud inside. Not wind noise, but engine and exhaust drone.
  • The arm rest and shifter are just far enough apart for me not to rest my hand on it and have my elbow on the arm rest.
  • Warms up inside superquick. Seat heaters work wonderfully as well.
  • Even with needing new shocks and tie-rods, it handles like nothing else I've driven. Holy hell no wonder this was THE sports sedan of the 90s.
  • Seats are super comfortable, even with needing a new lower left bolster on my driver's seat.
  • My OBC still isn't giving me my average consumption and speed. I guess my emission stuff still isn't activated.
  • I really need to get myself a head unit. Like really, really badly. Squeaks and awkward silence are aplenty. Good thing I have a bluetooth speaker to subside for now.
  • The cup holders SUCK. I can't even get a regular soda bottle in there. Totally pointless.
  • Acceleration is SO EFFORTLESS. Quarter throttle and I'm breaking speed limits without trying.
  • Excellent highway MPG, at least compared to the GMC.

I have this horrible feeling this is going to be a bad car for my mostly highway commute. I'm really hoping some new front struts help the ride, or else I'm going to be wishing for an old Cadillac. I just want to get the damn thing licensed so I can stop driving around in constant fear of getting pulled over.


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