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Note, the empty space in the garage is not filled by a Land Rover, and none of the 20 tires (summer and winter tires for both cars, plus 2 motorcycle tires, plus 2 mountain bike tires) that spend time in my garage are Hankooks. I also took my shop vac and sucked up about 50 miles worth of spider webs from this half of the garage and used a push broom to clean up all of the leaves and other debris that somehow snuck onto my floors.


This garage will be seeing a transformation sometime. Eventually I will be cleaning up (read: using as kindling material) all of the cardboard underneath the Land Rover sign, and replacing the hanging wood structure with hanging tire storage. The space where the tires sit will eventually be filled by my workbench, and the hanging structure will go on the left side of my garage. All of the other crap will go upstairs as the previous owners were kind enough to put in a folding staircase to the attic (you can see the cord hanging down). Once everything is off of the floors, then I'll put down some epoxy, but that may be at least next summer


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