Meet my new home office assistant, Waldo (or “Wally” for short, which is not really shorter). He’s a 7-week-old male rescue cat that we found 2 days ago at a vet clinic. They spent the previous several weeks checking him out, weaned him off of a bottle, and treated him for parasites. Now all we have to do is get him neutered in a few months. He’ll eventually probably be an outdoor cat, since my wife is mildly allergic and my house gets trashed enough with 2 young kids. Plus, backyard rodent control!

I see you’re writing a memo. Would you like help writing a memo? *walks across keyboard*

I’ve always had a soft spot for cats because they’re so fascinating to watch — seemingly much closer to their wild ancestors than most domestic animals. At the same time, this guy gives us lots of love and purrs constantly, even when he’s not asking for food (like so many cats do). My kids absolutely love him and it has awakened some new sense of kindness in them both. It’s been really amazing to watch. If it keeps up, we’ll probably have a dog (eventually).

And so low-maintenance. Don’t take this the wrong way, but cats are like the “appliances” of pets. They even potty train themselves.