I didn’t name them after cars or racecar drivers, though. Sorry. Meet Abbi (grey tabby) and Ilana (calico). I’m very happy.

They were very glad that the drive from the shelter was short because my W123's aircon does not work at all and it was over 90 in Detroit today.

They’re both ~two years old and were brought to the shelter a month or so ago as strays. They are PERFECT, so sweet and cuddly. Ilana is more outgoing and very talkative, Abbi is inquisitive and just wants to lounge around. They’ve gotten used to my apartment pretty quickly, but they haven’t interacted with each other yet. Abbi is in my bedroom and Ilana has free roam of the rest of the apartment, tomorrow we’ll switch so they each get used to the place without stress. Introducing them will have to be a slow process unless they immediately get along (fingers crossed)