In my two years of being an auto writer, I’ve never crashed a press car, or blown up an engine, or anything like that. I had a close call with a Challenger that wanted to throw me off a cliff, but never have I actually done any damage to the cars themselves.

That all almost changed the other day when I got to drive Chip Foose’s new Mustang. It has 810 horsepower from a supercharged V8, and not enough tire to keep them firmly planted from first to third. It’s a beast of a car, and I almost blew up the engine while taking it for a drive.


I’m driving down PCH and I notice the engine temperature rising. Since it’s a supercharged engine, I didn’t really think much of it. Even Chip told me that the engine gets a bit warm, but it won’t overheat no matter how hard I drive it.

But it wasn’t just getting warm— the head temperature was almost at 400 degrees. I look over at the rep worryingly and say, “I’m pulling back in, I’m not going to blow this car up.”

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