Had to take another long ride on I-84 today, this time heading (eventually) to Colchester. During our ride we came upon a rather clean, black Ferrari 308 GT4 (similar to this picture) in traffic.

Because of the shitty flow of the 2-lanes of traffic, the line he was in got ahead of the line we were in, so I couldn't satisfy the SR20 rule. After about 10 miles of being stuck in my line I caught back up to the Ferrari, which was now (apparently) broken down on the side of the road.

The reason I felt bad for the guy was that he wasn't driving like an ass; he was for the most part doing the "keep right except to pass" thing and was keeping with the flow of traffic, not trying to zip through it like so many other cars on the road this morning. He was just out enjoying his car.

I say "almost" because at the end of the day he was driving an old Ferrari - a crap shoot at best, reliability wise - and he came up craps.