With a balding fat middle aged man in a traffic jam.

He cut me off in the traffic jam (like no signal) so I slam the breaks and give the horn a good 2 second honk (the "fuck you honk" as I call it). He then proceeded to cut off the guy in the lane next to me, this guy also honked. So I proceed to drive by and give him my best "you're a shit head face". Then he pulls up next to me and starts babbling about how he going to kick my "punk" ass. And like any tired decently angry person would do, I decided to insult him and get out of my car and tell him to come kick my ass if he's such a tough guy. So basically at this point he probably figured out that he was kind of out of shape for the fight and drove off with two wheels in the grass.

I'm still pretty angry oppo and although I'm very sure this could have been handled better I'm glad that this happened just for the story. Also the moral of the story is to use your blinker.