I decided to pull a Frank Burns the other night and start digging up my lawn to find some offending sprinklers. I already capped off two right next to my cars which were just dousing them, but I discovered there was another one somewhere hitting the front of my car. So I went digging.

It’s quite frustrating to not be able to park in your driveway without worrying about your paint being damaged*. So I tried to find the sprinklers, but I couldn’t seem to find it. I either was looking in the wrong place or didn’t dig far enough down.

But I sort of tore up the lawn. But I didn’t tamp down the ground. So the next night when I got home I decided to drive over it.

Bad idea.

First off, it’s been raining here (*SCREAMS*), so the ground was super duper, extra duper wet. So I sort of sunk in one corner. But the rest of the grass was wet grass. When I tried to back out I couldn’t, I thought I hit something. But then I listened and I heard the tires slipping.


But thanks to all my hours in SpinTires I knew the key was slow and steady throttle inputs. And then I was out.


I also found a junction pipe near my mailbox so I capped that off last night. Hopefully I didn’t cap off another house (HOA controls the front sprinklers), but I’m so sick of them overwatering I don’t give a shit at this point.


*Hard water can damage painted and other automotive surfaces. Even if the car is coated like mine.