I know Oppo isn't a gaming blog (unless racing game), but I'm such a casual gamer that posting to an actual gaming site scares me. Gamers be scary, yo.

I don't really pay attention to games news, so even though I heard bits and pieces about this game, it mostly caught me off guard. So when I saw a few lets plays in my YouTube feed last night, I decided to check it out. What's funny is, the guys doing the lets plays were in the same boat. Not usual people to be playing games like this, but they were a fan of the show.

Now I too WAS a fan of the show, but back in its hey-day. And that's the point I want to bring up, and why I think this game is so enticing to me.

In just watching the first hour or so of gameplay, it brings up so many of the classic episodes and characters, it was like a big nostalgia trip to me. Now, I haven't seen an episode of South Park in YEARS, so for all I know they've been recycling old jokes and whatnot for the lulz. But it was like a trip down memory lane, with a bit of RPG turn based combat built in (also, not my thing) in between tons of poop and Jew jokes, of course.

I dunno, I have been playing State Of Decay (zombie survival) and some GTA V lately, but without the budget to step up to a "Next Gen" console, I fear I may be out of gaming options soon. This may just be my next purchase.