I Also Bought a Thing

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You may or may not remember that my Cadillac CTS shat the bed/spun a bearing and is no longer in working order until I replace the engine. Since I’m not going to do that, its carcass shall be donated to some random nonprofit for a tax deduction. So I bought the thing above.


2016 L-Certified pre-owned Lexus GX460. 35k miles, and not a dent on it anywhere. The interior doesn’t suck, either. My problem: I shan’t be driving it.

That’s right! That’s momma’s new whip. Daddy gets to drive the 146k mile 2011 Ford Expedition. It’s nice, because it’s a Limited package, but it has also been used for normal kid hauler/road warrior duty. It shall do for now. Until I go get an L-Certified LS500 or GSF, of course.


Until then, behold my new thing. 

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