I am riding a bike in some mountains, in which the roads are steep and scary and there are lots of suburban families walking around. I walk around with some homeless guy and go to my dad's house (which is nowhere near the mountains). There, I find a silver E85 Z4 hardtop WITH AN AUTOMATIC replacing the Sebring that used to sit next to the NC Miata ALSO WITH AN AUTOMATIC. I am so troubled by the fact that he has two automatic, sporty roadsters that I am forced to find the keys and take the Z4 out to the steep mountains, where I find that it's just like the automatic Miata but with an inline 6. I keep thinking to myself, "he could have gotten a Supra or classic 911, but he has two automatic two-seater convertibles instead." Then he came and acted nonchalant saying he wish he'd had enough money to get a manual one and it's not an awesome car but was cheap. Then I asked why he didn't get some car he had always been wanting with the money he used on the Z4 and Miata and he said he was too attached to the Miata. Anyways, it was so close to real life but was strange because of the worry caused by the fact that he now had an auto Z4 and auto Miata. That's about all I remember.