With the carburetor and alternator setup on my J2000, it became very clear to me that I couldn’t fit an ITG air filter...which is a bummer because those are great. What I decided I had to do was velocity stacks with filter socks over them...not ideal but cheaper and it’ll fit when I’m doing.

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So I picked up four of these bad boys on eBay for $25. They claim to be for an IDF, but they should fit my DHLAs...if not I’ll just cut the brackets off and buy tabs to mount them, no big deal. They’re 6” long, which I’ve heard is a good length for 4-8500rpm on similar displacement VW motors, so I figured that was good a place to start as any.

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I also got a pair of these to stick over them. They’re not quite as deep as the stacks themselves so you’ll still see some stack, but they’ll save me from getting big chunks of shit in my beautiful ass DHLAs.

Also arriving soon is my carb and throttle linkage and all my fuel system stuff. In a week or two this motor is going to be 100% ready to drop into the car and I’m gonna feel like Inigo Montoya...I’ve spent my whole life focused on this motor, and now that it’s finished, I don’t know what to do with myself. Make it run I guess? Weird.

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