Instead of doing all the things I was supposed to do, I met my friend who likes cars and has lots of money. We are boring. We parked our cars in the parking lot in his office and talked about cars for an hour or so. His lease on this M is almost up, and he is thinking about a ZR1. I encouraged this line of thinking.

He used to be my boss, and I hated working for him. In the 10 years since I left, we have become friends, and I truly love the big lug.  He taught me more than any other person about how to do this thing we do, and I am grateful for the opportunity he provided me. He is a good person, even if he was a terrible boss. He represents big time California farmers, whereas I represent the struggling smaller players.

He is a car guy. He has a Kirkham Cobra that is fucking amazing. When I worked for him, I earned his respect by keeping up with his ‘Vette on the highway back from a client meeting in my 4 cylinder, 1st gen Mazda6.


He has admitted to me that he thought I was crazy when I bought the Sunchaser. He is an old school enthusiast who restored a 65 Mustang for his daughter, and has held on to a 1976 Bronco for decades hoping the 1975 smog cutoff will go back to a 30 year rule. It is a weird and complex relationship. He hates my Vespa, and makes fun of me for it all the time.

The funny thing is, he likes the Sunchaser now. He told me today he was wrong about the car, and that I should be proud of it. For an old school muscle car guy to admit that was big. He is anti-JDM chrome bumper. He said he normally likes chrome, but he thinks the black bumpers look good on my car.


I am babbling, Oppo, and I apologize.