You’re a car enthusiast and cannot drive a manual?! (You are currently asking.)

Yes. You will read why.

Your parents cars are usually the cars you learned driving in right? Well let us hit the checklist on that. My mothers cars since my birth were ‘92 Chevy Cavalier, ‘04 Chevy Impala, ‘07 Chevy Impala, all automatic. My dads cars were ‘94 Dodge Dakota, ‘98 Dodge Dakota, ‘04 Chevy S10, all automatic. So no option to learn manual from my parents there.

I have driven a good bit of cars in my life. I go to car shows, traveling track days, and have a relatively large family through marriage. None of their cars are manuals, all automatic are cars. I track the cars I have driven via spreadsheet like a nerd. As of this article, 36 cars, 8 of which are performance/drivers cars, one of which is my first ever car which I purchased, I will touch on some of the performance/drivers cars then mention my personal car.

First exotic I ever drove was through Xtreme Xperience at Summit Point Motorsports Park, WV, it was a yellow Ferrari F430 (pictured). This car had a Ferrari F1 gearbox. No chance of manual there as it would not be cost effective for this traveling track day to have a set of manual cars as many weekend cannot drive auto either.


Next exotic I drove was a Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560-4 Spyder (pictured) through Gotham Dream Cars in an autocross format. No manual there either only Lamborghini E-Gear.

Next exotic/race car I drove many would be jealous of as the rare ability to drive one. It was again through Gotham Dream Cars, this time a Ferrari F430 Challenge (pictured) meaning RACE CAR. This one is significant, because it was paddle shift only, no auto option, but still no manual.


Even further I will be driving a Porsche 991/911 GT3 (PDK transmission), a Ferrari 458 Italia (paddles), Lamborghini Huracan (paddles) and maybe not definite a Nissan GT-R (paddles) all at the track.

I drove a lot of these cars then it came time for my to purchase my first car. As a car enthusiast it was going to be a performance/drivers car. I love V8s. I hate Mustangs and the Challenger is too big for even me (I am over 6 feet tall, so that is bad). So I purchased a Camaro SS (pictured). Spend more than $35k to “learn” to drive manual? I do not think so, so I got the auto/paddle shift version and I drive it in manual mode 75% of the time. Being an enthusiast, I wanted the 1LE performance package from the factory but it is not possible on the auto. So I have been upgrading it slowly to a SS 1LE. Currently it has the suede wheel and suede auto shifter from the ZL1, the 1LE strut tower brace, 1LE sway bars, and the 1LE front splitter.


So as you read, the reason I cannot drive manual not because I suck at driving. I go to the track days. I drive 400 hp car on in my opinion an amazing drivers road daily to and from work. I just was given ZERO chance to learn in my driving career.

When auto journalists gawk at cars that do not come in manual it makes no difference to me.


You’re going to think oh there had to be someones car to borrow, nope.

Fun Fact to end on, my dream car is a manual. The Ferrari F40.